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When I made the videos listed below, there were very few videos with plautdietsch content available on YouTube. By 2013, the situation is much improved. Today, a search on YouTube for "Low German" will yield about 130,000 results many of which will have Plautdietsch audio content. Similarly, a search on YouTube for "Plautdietsch" will result in about 456 results, all, or very nearly all, of which will have Plautdietsch audio content. One of the newest is a Plautdietsch amateur comedy in three parts:

March 18 2013: Velluim Voat Dokta: Part 1 of 3; Part 2 of 3; Part 3 of 3

December 6 2008: Vada Plautdietsch Rede

This is about relearning one's first language. Plautdietsch, a Low-Saxon language, originating in the Vistula Delta in what is now Poland, while extinct where it originated, is still spoken by many Mennonites in their diaspora throughout the world.

December 27 2008: Miene Uah-Grospape

This is about my earliest memories of my Great-Grandfather, Jacob Braun, who immigrated to Canada from Russia in 1875.

January 15 2009: Dee Schtof-Kom

My mother, Katherine Derksen, relates childhood memories of dustbowl farming in south-western Manitoba during the 1930s.

January 19, 2009: Bie Gruenthal Aunsiedle

Childhood memories of leaving the dustbowl to settle and build a log cabin in the Gruenthal area of south-eastern Manitoba are related by my mother, Katherine Derksen.