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For those of us who may truly be isolated by distance from other Plautdietsch speakers it may be possible to have conversations in Plautdietsch without expense by Voice Over Internet Protocol or as it is often known, VOIP. The largest form of this freely available to all for use through the Internet is Skype. It can be downloaded without charge at Skype . Provided your computer is equipped with microphone and speakers, this will enable one-on-one and teleconference calls with more than two people speaking to each other as a group. This option will also inform persons wishing to use it as to whether any other person on the table is online or not, and whether they are available and willing to be called to have conversations In Plautdietsch. If your computer is equipped with a web-camera, the Skype software will also enable one-on-one video phone calls and videoconference calls with others whose computers are also equipped with webcams. The following table is intended to list all of those willing to participate in the Skype network to speak Plautdietsch. To enroll in this you would need to have Skype installed on your computer and then provide me with the information I would need to fill in the following table:

Skype Name / Country

Local Time

Estimated Skill Level

Usual availability

Skype Status (Click to call with Skype when online)





Sundays P.M.

My status

  harold.neufeld2 Canada


mornings and afternoons, but not evenings








I am very hopeful that others of any skill level will be interested in joining in this experiment to facilitate Plautdietsch discussions between people from every corner of the world where those of us who have inherited this language presently find ourselves. Remember:

    • your own estimation of your skill is helpful and there is no right or wrong estimate.
    • If you are not able to predict your availability. Just leave that column blank.
    • I will be pleased to enter your Skype name and other information in the columns if you send this to me. I should also be able to create the Skype Status Button that will appear in the last column to indicate your online availability and I will be able to determine your local clock setting by knowing your home location.

    Jim Derksen