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Oral Traditions

Plautdietsch has rarely been used as a written language. The oldest language traditions are rhymes, songs, riddles, games, and maxims. Should you be aware of other oral plautdietsch traditions not already listed please contact me by clicking my name Jim Derksen and I will try to list these on this page.

The following examples are offered at this time:

1. (To accompany a hand-play game similar to the English "This Little Piggy Went to Market...")

Rea, rea, Jrettje-
Rea, rea, Jrettje-
Jeff däm waut,
Jeff däm waut,
Jeff däm waut,
Jeff däm waut,
Disem, riet de Kopp auf,
Enn schmiet ahm wajch.

2. (Rythmic rhyme to accompany "rocking" play with a child.)

Schockel, Schockel scheia-
Oostre, ät wie Eia;
Pinjste, ät wie wittet Broot;
Stoaw' wie nijch,
Dan woa wie groot.

3. (Instructive expression.)

Büte --uj, uj!
Benne --fuj, fuj!

4. (Family Rhyme)

Mama es mie seea goot,
Jeft mie scheenet äte,
Schinkefleisch en Bottabroot
Woa etj nijch vejäte.