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Writings in Plautdietsch

1. On November 22, 2003, more than 100 Mennonite Plautdietsch speakers gathered at a special ceremony in Winkler, Manitoba to mark the launch of the Bible in Plautdietsch.
De Bibel.

2. A good collection of Plautdietsch oral traditions, with a preface essay on the history and structure of the language. The Windmill Turning: Nursery, Rhymes, Maxims, and Other Expressions of Western Canadian Mennonites. Victor Carl Friesen. University of Alberta Press

3. A course of study to acquire a basic level of Plautdietsch language skills in a one volume text of weekly lessons.Wi Leahre Plautdietsch: A Beginner's Guide to Mennonite Low German by Isaias McCaffery (Sep 2 2008)


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